Emergency Electricians Cardiff Services During The UK Lockdown

How essential are Electricians Cardiff services during the current nationwide UK lockdown amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic?

These are desperate times where lives are at stake and are lost daily across the globe. But even during these times, the rest of us need to carry on with our lives needing home installation services or urgent repairs such as electricians Cardiff, plumbers, bathroom fitters & other key service providers.

One of the first things to remember is that the safety of everyone is the utmost priority. Whether it is about electricians in Cardiff to come into your residence or when you are in desperate need of electrical repair. So, even if you are DIY enthusiast make sure to take all necessary precautions before touching any electrical module around your house.

Fortunately, Public Health England have confirmed that plumbers, electricians, heating engineers are in fact classed as “key workers”. So, during the lockdown it is not breaking the law to have electricians in Cardiff come in to your house to help you out.


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Atlas Homes & Property Maintenance – Expert Electricians In Cardiff

Electrical engineers who are trained and qualified are provided by Atlas Homes & Property Maintenance for taking care of your electrical problems. These expert electricians in Cardiff are capable of handling a faulty switch to a complete electrical rewiring while ensuring the government guidelines for COVID-19 are fulfilled.

So, our team is fully capable of safely visiting your home for such as essential electrical work and repair services, including any maintenance work. Atlas Homes & Property Maintenance has an expert team electrical engineers providing their reliable services in the Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, and areas of South Wales are provided during the lockdown.


Call NOW if you need any EMERGENCY Plumbers Cardiff services: 07983 244 818 or 07427 506 176!


Our expert electricians in Cardiff will provide the following service and more:

  • Commercial and industrial electrical maintenance & installations
  • High-end domestic electrical maintenance & installations
  • Electrical compliance and maintenance checks
  • Fire alarms maintenance & installations
  • Access control systems maintenance & installations
  • CCTV maintenance & installations

All our work is fully certified and we provide insurance work as well – so don’t worry and call for a quote right now.


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Visit our website today to check out the range of other services which we continue to offer during the current UK lockdown measures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Boilers
  • Central Heating
  • Landlords
  • Landscaping
  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Development

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If you are looking for expert electricians in Cardiff, Atlas Plumbing And Electrical is here and we will take care of your electrical problems. Our services are hassle free, affordable and we provide fast services.

Get in touch today for quality work for a convenient and affordable price for Electricians Cardiff services in the Cardiff and South Wales area.

Young happy woman twists a light bulb in the kitchen lamp

Professional Cardiff Electricians: From A Simple Faulty Switch To Full Rewire!

Cardiff electricians – why would you need professionals to sort out your electrical problems?

Easily this is question that you will not need to answer.

Rather, you would think of how to find professional Cardiff electricians so you can make sure your home or office is safe for not just yourself and those in it but also for those around you.

Today, we will cover the advantages of using professional Cardiff electricians team of Atlas Plumbing & Electrical for all your domestic or commercial electrical servicing needs.

When you call the Atlas team for a job, you will get highly skilled, trained, qualified and experienced Cardiff electricians who are determined get the job with perfection while ensuring the safety of you, our team members and the working area.

Professional Cardiff Electricians: What We Do

We are confident that we will fix all kinds of electrical problems for you from something as little as a faulty light switch to the complete residential or commercial rewiring of your premises – we have you covered.

Whether it’s a light switch or a full rewire, we guarantee the highest quality of work!

However, we are more than just an electrical services company. We are a team of specialist gas engineers and electricians in Cardiff with expertise in the installation and repair of central heating systems, boiler installations, repairs & maintenance as well as gas boiler fitting.

Our team is skilled to offer large-scale commercial plumbing installations, domestic kitchen fitting services, home or office bathroom installations and complete electrical wiring and full re-wire services. Our team of skilled tradesman are committed and all our work is certified and fully insured.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call or text if you need Emergency Cardiff electricians for an electrical emergency or others such as plumbing repairs or electrical repairs or any advice or information regarding fitting complete central heating systems.

Cardiff Electricians: Why We Are Reliable

Atlas Plumbing & Electrical was founded on honest principles with a friendly team member who are transparent in their services from start to finish. A small company which has steadily grown through excellent customer service and an exceptional job satisfaction record. We have many happy customers who will only use our services and we believe our Cardiff electrical services are second to none.

We have taken the time to make sure all our team members are trained with different manufacturers so that our qualified Cardiff electricians are fully aware, safe engineers that can give you the best service for unbeatable prices.

Our outstanding overall customer service is a big part of the reason we were recently voted to be among the Cardiff electricians.

Don’t give us your business, let us earn it!

Send an email to mailto:atlasplumbingandelectrical@outlook.com, call or text on 07427 506 176 (for Cardiff plumbers) or 07983 244 818 (Cardiff electricians) today and we will be happy to help.

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Find Out the current offers for getting serviced by professional Cardiff Electricians.

Final Thoughts

Atlas Plumbing & Electrical covers all of the South Wales, including Cardiff, Newport & Bristol with our reliable services using qualified Cardiff electricians:

  • Cardiff Electricians – professional electricians in Cardiff
  • Newport Electricians – professional electricians in Newport
  • Bristol Electricians – professional electricians in Bristol

Find Out the current offers for getting serviced by the best Cardiff electricians by calling now!

Reliable Cardiff electricians here at Atlas Plumbing & Electrical service providers can be reached with a quick phone call on 02921 690018. Don’t forget to ask us about any special prices, offers and/or discounts.

You can also Request A Call Back on our website and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Hands of electrician assembling industrial HVAC control cubicle in workshop. Close-up photo.
February 7, 2020 by twdg 0 Comments

What makes our Cardiff electricians the best in 2020?

A lot of companies that provide Cardiff electrician services would say that they have the best Cardiff electricians but what really makes our Cardiff electricians the best? Within this article we will give you all of the information you need to choose us to provide you with a Cardiff electrician’s service that you are going to appreciate every step of the way. So, make sure that you have your reading glasses on and prepare yourself for an article that will blow your mind.

Cardiff electrician

The personality traits and skills of successful electricians

Our Cardiff electricians have successfully developed technical skills over the years of work they have been doing. So, here are a few personality traits that they have developed a long the way as well.

Honesty: It is important that you are always 100% transparent with your clientele, honesty and integrity go a long way in establishing a relationship with any client and this is a sure way of doing so. Operate ethically and if there is a problem make sure to inform your clients, by doing so they will see your honesty for what it is. Honesty is also a great way to build a trusting relationship with your client.

Reliability: Being a reliable Cardiff electrician is one of the best things you can be, as being able to turn up on time and work within the hours you have agreed goes a long way to creating a good standing relationship. Any professional in any trade needs to have this characteristic, otherwise, you won’t have much look finding work. If you cannot get the job done, on time and right the first time then as a professional Cardiff electrician you won’t be trusted to do other jobs similar by that particular client. This is a life skill that most people need to have!

Patience: You know the saying and how it goes that patience is of the essence. Well, if you are one of the incredible Cardiff electricians then patience is of the upmost importance. Because, if you decide to do something without thinking or even a bit to quickly there is chance of hurting yourself and others around you. Therefore, safety and patience are a key element to all of our Cardiff electricians here at Atlas Homes & Property Maintenance.

Consistency: Whilst you are working on a job make sure you keep the effort that you provide to the same level, which is the best at all times. Staying focused is incredibly important as well, as you will need both your body and mind to be like a well-oiled machine, otherwise, if you cause a mistake it could possibly be a matter of life and death for some poor fellow, or even yourself.

The business-related traits that our Cardiff electricians possess

electrician Cardiff

One thing to understand if you are a Cardiff electrician is that you work for a business and you need to have a few traits like our Cardiff electricians that will reciprocate this.

Time management: Similar to our reliability write up, time management is key when it comes to our Cardiff electricians and for just about any job around as well. Having impeccable time management skills is hard but even then, having the ability to finish the job on time is something everyone must learn. At the end of the day, the ability to manage your time well and complete tasks on time will make you extremely sought-after by clients.

Customer service ability: The ability to make every customer or client happy is a skill that everyone needs in this day of age, especially a Cardiff electrician. Treating a customer with respect no matter the question goes a long way. Developing this skill can take time, however, is one of the best life skills you could ever want.

Working well with others: This is something that is developed throughout your time in school, however, fine tuning it is very important as you will need to get your mind stuck in on the job. It is an incredibly valuable skill that some lucky people find easy, however, some do not and it is important to learn this skill as you will be working with a few people on a job.

Paper work skills: We know it isn’t the most exciting time of the day but being able to understand the simplicities of business can go far. This of course equates too filing, the basics of accounting and other office procedures can really go far in any business.

Get in touch with Atlas Homes & Property Maintenance to seal the deal!

If you haven’t noticed already, here at Atlas Homes & Property Maintenance we provide some of the most incredible Cardiff electricians to come out and service your area. No matter if you need a fix done, or even want a new system installed our one of a kind electricians in Cardiff will provide you with all of the services that you need. We are available just about any time during the day and into the evening.

If you want to get a hold of one of our Cardiff electricians then you can always use our contact form on our website or call us on 02921 690 018. We are happy to help any one that requires the help of a Cardiff electrician from us. If you have any queries about our business or what more we can do for you then feel free to get in touch.

Male electrician on light background

Reliable Cardiff Electricians To Get The Job Done

Today, in this short blog we will tell you exactly why you can rely on Atlas Plumbing & Electrical Services for finding reliable Cardiff electricians for all your domestic or commercial electrical servicing needs.

We rely on highly skilled, trained, qualified and experienced Cardiff electricians to get the job with perfection. We ensure your safety, our safety and the safety of the working area.

Now, we offer all of this within a reasonable price, keeping in mind your budget and the range of work.

Cardiff Electricians: Why We Are Reliable!

Atlas Plumbing & Electrical is a professional company which offers a wide range of services which you will see on our website. We will work around your schedule to make sure that your urgent work gets done instantly and when you have flexibility then we will work around your suitable times.

Using our experienced team of Cardiff electricians, we carry out minor to major electrical work and installations to the best of our ability. We target the highest possible standards which are above the industry norms. Our friendly Cardiff engineers and other staff are always looking for ways to make people smile with their work.

From the moment you pick up the phone for an initial consultation to the job completion, we will care for every aspect of the job at hand. In order to make our customers happy and keeping our reputation intact, we ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Our efficiency in solving all your electrical issues in Cardiff or its surrounding areas will urge you to recommend us to your friends, family and acquaintances.

We are proud of providing reliable service and most of our new clients come from recommendations from our satisfied clients.

Get The Best & Most Reliable Cardiff Electricians!

Find Out the current offers for getting serviced by the best Cardiff electricians by calling Atlas Plumbing & Electrical now.

Atlas Plumbing & Electrical covers all of the South Wales & The West. Namely, we offer our reliable services using qualified Cardiff electricians in the following areas:

  • Cardiff Electricians – qualified electricians in Cardiff
  • Newport Electricians – qualified electricians in Newport
  • Bristol Electricians – qualified electricians in Bristol

Pick up the phone and call for reliable Domestic & Commercial Electrical services in Cardiff and surrounding area.

Reliable Cardiff electricians here at Atlas Plumbing & Electrical service providers can be reached on 02921 690018. You can ask us about special prices, offers and discounts. You can also Request A Call Back on our website and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Funny portrait of two craftsmen

What Are the Best Tools for Electricians?

One of the many questions you might ask yourself is what do Cardiff electricians do? You might think of it as a laughable question but many people don’t really know what they do. It isn’t just about cutting some wires and fixing some appliances. Electrical work is a tricky business, there are a lot of hazards that come into this business and in this article, we are going to go through just about everything than an electrician in Cardiff has to endure. So, kick your feet up, grab yourself a cup of tea and prepare for a read that will inform you on all you need to know about Cardiff electricians.

What are the most used tools by electricians in Cardiff?

Electric tools in the household tool store

Screwdrivers and nut drivers

Electricians Cardiff always need several screwdrivers when on the job as there are several different types of nuts and bolts, so you would need these types of screwdrivers to assist you in making your job a lot easier. Fortunately, in this day of age you can purchase certain screwdrivers which adapt to the electricians needs. DeWalt is a good brand for these types of screwdrivers and you can purchase them at just about any do it yourself shop in the United Kingdom.

Professional tools for electrician. Screwdrivers, nippers, tester on black wooden background. Studio shot. View from above. Industrial backdrop

Measuring tapes and poles

Another type of tool needed by electricians in Cardiff is of course measuring tape. Having one of these in your toolbox is a must as it is an inexpensive and handy device for any Cardiff electrician and person in general. What this impressive product does is measure any device accurately within inches and centimetres. Luckily most of these products come with a secure grip and safety handles so cutting yourself is minimised. Just keep them out of the reach of your kids for safe measure!


The most commonly used tool by electricians has to be the plier. You simply cannot get a job done as an electrician in Cardiff without a plier as most cannot work without the side-cutting pliers or even the needle-nose and long nose pliers. Whether it be a heavy maintenance job or a quick 10-minute fix, pliers are always the “go to” tool to use first. Sufficed to say there are hundreds of different uses for pliers that go all the way back to the bronze age.

Sharp tin snips steel cutter pliers on wooden board.

Wire strippers

You can tell by the name that they do exactly what they say they do, so there isn’t much need for an explanation here. With the variety of different sizes of wires, a wire stripper is essential. They are used mainly to cut and strip insulation from electrical wires. If you are lucky enough then you might even come across a wire stripper that includes cutting teeth that has the ability to trim the wires at the ends. Making them easier to use later on.

Voltage testers

One of the most dangerous issues you have with electrician work is the possibility of working with live wires. Thankfully, in this day in age we have voltage testers, used mostly for quick safety checks that ensure there isn’t a live voltage going through an electrical device or wire, they are an absolute must for any electrician Cardiff. The best types are the non-contact voltage testers as they can detect electricity without touching any wires our outlets.

electrician with electric test screwdriver checking voltage of switching electric actuator equipment in fuse box

Circuit finder

Finding a circuit can be difficult when you are in different homes on a day to day basis as they aren’t always in the same place. Usually you will find that the service panel is rarely matching with the breaker which is unfortunate at most times. Thankfully, we have circuit finders. All you have to do is simply plug a transmitter into the outlet area and the detector will be able to figure out where the directory is.


Obviously one of the tools that will mostly come in handy will be a hammer. As not only will you be forcefully pushing nails into places but possibly even taking them out of certain areas as well.


Flashlight and beam of light on a dark background. 3d rendering

Your standard torch light can help you in many areas in many different professions. Especially for electricians Cardiff as there might be a few tight spaces around with little to no light.

As you might be able to tell there are a lot of tools that go into making yourself the professional electrician in Cardiff. Without them you won’t be able to perform most of the standard duties that you need too.

Why Choose Atlas Homes & Property Maintenance?

Not only do our electricians in Cardiff possess all the aforementioned tools above and more but they are also professional and courteous. You can hire one of our staff to come over to your home and business and evaluate the issues you might be having after that we will give you a quote and how much time it will take to fix or complete the project.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority therefore you can always trust us here at Atlas Homes & Property Maintenance to make sure that our services are the best of the best when it comes to electricians in Cardiff.

Simply give us a call on 02921690018 and we can have a chat about the issues you are having. If you are a tad shy then you can always take advantage of the many contact forms that we have around our website and use one of them. We usually get back to our queries within 24 hours, then we can call you up or meet up and have a look at the problems that you are currently facing that our incredible electricians in Cardiff can fix.

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