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underfloor heating
Underfloor Heating System
Underfloor Heating System


Tired of feeling cold inside your own home?

Sick of exorbitant energy bills spent on radiators that only leave your eyes dry and nose running? At Atlas plumbing and electrical offers a highly effective and energy efficient mean of warming any space and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Why wet underfloor heating?

Wet underfloor heating, also known as ‘warm water UFH’, is unlike any other heating system.

Underfloor heating efficiency

Warm water underfloor heating uses far lower flow temperatures than a radiator system. Because it covers a much larger surface area it is still able to heat the room effectively. For this reason, warm water underfloor heating is around 25% more efficient than radiators.

Hidden heating solution
Underfloor heating is an ‘invisible’ heating system as the tube is hidden beneath the floor. This frees up wall space, ideal for open plan living and rooms such as kitchens where space is at a premium.

Eliminating the need for radiators in your home means less surface space to keep clean. Installing underfloor heating means there are no radiators that collect dust and dirt.

Wet underfloor heating is safe

Warm water underfloor heating has no exposed hot or sharp edges – a safe option for young children and the elderly. It’s great for allergy sufferers as it provides warmth free from draughts and dust movements that can aggravate conditions.

Warm feet, luxuriously comfy
With underfloor heating, the heat gently emits upwards from the floor. This gives the luxurious feel of warm feet and a cool head without any cold spots common with radiators. UFH also warms any usually cold floor coverings, such as tiles or engineered wood.

As an underfloor heating installation and renewable company who are leading specialists in commercial and domestic underfloor heating installations and renewable energy systems based in Cardiff, our team of dedicated experts are here to help you find the right system for your commercial or domestic environment anywhere in Cardiff and the surrounding area.

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